Berlin Beatet Bestes

I found this blog by accidents – looking for the publisher of a Chubby Checker song. The first time I stumbled across a great blog by someone I know personally and I didn’t know he was doing it!

Berlin Beatet Bestes is where Andreas Michalke presents his odd vinyl findings. I think it’s just 7”s. He has a talent for finding incredible stuff of all kinds (and not just records). Often with great sleeves – being a comic book artist he wouldn’t let a nice artwork illustration pass by. It took a while until I gathered how to listen to his samples in the stream player on the right sidebar. Maybe this would be a good plug-in for his WordPress? He could have the sound where the article is – and not alphabetically crammed into a small box. Anyway, I totally dig this. Check out the thorough descriptions he writes for the records. He loves vinyl oddities. If you’re similarly adjusted have a look and a listen.

Trestles – They Still Don’t Get It!

Here’s a quote from

The TCA isn’t done with their toll road through Trestles yet. They’ve successfully appealed to the US Fish And Wildlife Service to reject the findings of the Coastal Commission. There is some insight into how the agency has been infiltrated by capitalistic pigs on the erBB. Keep fighting. » Blog Archive » The TCA Thinks You Are Lazy And Powerless

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