Tiki King’s Ukuleles of Felton

This year, Baron sold his wares at the 10th annual Tiki Oasis in San Diego, an event catering to the tiki industry, played the ukulele with the Wicked Tinkers, and appeared for about eight seconds in The Mighty Uke, a documentary that brought more than 500 people to the Rio Theatre for a strum-along.

The downtown Felton storefront is ‘perfect for us,’ Baron said. ‘I figure it’s only going to get more expensive.’

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Aging Equipment Cause of Oil Accidents

On June 10, 1947, Stanolind Oil & Gas Co. won an auction for the right to drill for oil on a plot seven miles off the Louisiana coast. The company built a spindly steel platform and drilled a well in shallow waters. It struck oil, and in 1950, Stanolind sold its first Louisiana sweet crude for 2.02€ a barrel.
More than 60 years later, the West Cameron 45-A platform is, according to government records, the oldest functioning platform in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. One of more than 100 structures built in the 1940s and 1950s still in operation, the platform has survived seven Category 2 hurricanes and a major fire.

read more about the aging rigs at The Wallstreet Journal

New Years Party!

So its almost that time when everyone starts planning their NYE. If you dont have plans, check out our NYE party at Tiki Terrace. It’s always a great time! The flyer here does not list the live music, but we are excited to have Hoapili join us this year. Plus, a special New Year floor show, Tiki Throwdown, and so much more. Hope to see you this NYE!
Some other things going on at Tiki to keep in mind~
december 23rd, Thursday we are doing an Elvis in Hawaii show!
december 24th Christmas Eve we will be open for our regularly scheduled “Echoes of Polynesia” dinner and floor show. Whether your tired of cooking for Christmas or have family in for the holidays, come on down to Tiki and experience a little piece of Hawaii!

The Tiki Terrace

Sea Shepherd website auf Deutsch!

Sea Shepherd auf Deutsch

Volunteers in Germany rallied again in 1998, when the ruptured freighter Pallas caught fire, ran aground, and heavy oil flowed from the ship’s tanks into the North Sea. While the authorities debated and pondered, the Sea Shepherd volunteers in Germany immediately responded to the first news of the disaster. The efforts of hundreds of volunteers from both Sea Shepherd and the Föhr animal protection group resulted in great success: Thousands of birds were rescued and cleaned, transported in large cushioned boxes, tagged and set free, far from the oiled waters.

Claire de Lune – Three Degrees of Pitch Modulation

For the people who like a wobbly g-string on their guitar to play more expressive I have three versions of the wonderful tune Claire de Lune by turn of the 19th/20th century composer Claude Debussy.


The first is a theremin version with the ultimate degree of pitch modulation.

The second is a violin version with the moderate pitch vibrato that the movement of the left hand permits.

The third and last version is played on harmonica and for me is the winner in the emotion (and sound) department.

So in conclusion: there’s more to an emotional sound than shaky pitch.

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