Have You Seen This Guitar?

stolen telecaster style guitar

stolen telecaster style guitar, photo by Chuck Kelley

A guitar belonging to David Nowlen was stolen from his son’s apartment in Los Angeles on July 29. The guitar is a Jonathan Rose Tele with serial #57 stamped on the neckplate and “Rose” on the headstock. It’s been signed by James Burton, Duane Eddy and many others.

Nowlen, pictured here with the guitar, is a longtime friend of Brian Wilson and was a member of “The Survivors”  – a group produced by Brian consisting of himself, his roommate Bob Norberg, their next door neighbor Nowlen, and  Rich Alarian. Their single “Pamela Jean/After The Game” was released by Capitol Records in January of 1964.

The person suspected of taking the guitar lives in Alabama, so the hot guitar is probably somewhere between here (L.A.) and there. If you have a message for Dave about the whereabouts of the guitar, email me at chuck@luxuriamusic.com and I’ll forward your message to him.