Links for 1/18/16

Seismologists’ warnings about hydraulic fracturing and wastewater disposal divide residents, politicians and companies in Colorado and Oklahoma, while temblors increase around the region

Source: Fracking shakes the American west: ‘a millennium’s worth of earthquakes’ | Environment | The Guardian




Improvements in the travel industry are helping us all to be greener globetrotters, writes Lucy Siegle

Source: The eco guide to booking a holiday | Lucy Siegle




Responding to overwhelming consumer demand to be kept in the dark about where meat comes from, the government has relaxed the relevant labeling requirements. After more than a decade of wrangling, …

Source: They don’t have to tell you where meat comes from anymore


TRNN correspondent Dimitri Lascaris talks to former UN Ambassador of Bolivia Pablo Solon, who says the final Paris agreement is headed towards the creation of carbon markets with terms to be settled in future COP meetings

Source: Former Bolivian UN Ambassador: COP21 Draft Text Shows Plans to Further Commodify Nature