Links for 10/30/15

The Mediterranean may lose its wild bluefin tuna. High-tech harvesting and wasteful management have brought world fish stocks to dangerous lows.

Source: Fisheries, Fishing, Bluefin Tuna, Oceans- National Geographic


Algaemy is a Berlin design project from the Blond & Bieber studios which harnesses biotech microalgae strains to print a naturally alternative textile ink.

Source: Algaemy use Microalgae in Textile Printing


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An international gallery of bodysurfing shots emailed to us at or tagged on Instagram- @SwellLinesMag.

Source: Visions of the Month- October 2015


It’s a scene straight out of the Jungle Book, only accessible from the outside world by a narrow canal that weaves its way through a parting in the wild and tangled overgrowth, west of […]

Source: The Crumbling Village of Temples Lost to the Myanmar Jungle | Messy Nessy Chic


Malibu – 1940s on Vimeo


The myth of carbon-free hydropower is embedded in the Kyoto protocol to address planetary climate change, and is being implemented in COP 21 climate plans

Source: The Hydropower Methane Bomb No One Wants to Talk About