Links for 4/4/16

For $20 I really like this new Matone dual USB battery pack! I haven’t found anything better at this price. The Matone battery is a great combo. I’ve tried water and damage resistant ba…

Source: $20 Water resistant, solar charging, 10000mAh power bank / Boing Boing




I have an open fire and spend my evenings tanning animal and fish skins, and carving wood

Source: Experience: I am 16 and live alone in the wilderness | Life and style | The Guardian




Found an abandoned garage during a hot July session and decided to film a mellow one in the shade to make you smile…boss setup: Bastl Boards “Walzer”/ Cloudride “Ozones”music by Barefoot Basement ( to the Linz crew and the “blind” security guards to make this happen.Riding: Rene SchmidFilming: Rene Nocker, Andy Marva

Source: Garage Siesta › GoShredTV


Back in the ‘70s, a skateboarder from Northern California was blazing new ground.  His name was Rick Blackhart, and he skated with reckless abandon and pure aggression. Tunnel’s Rick Blackhart didn’t ride any old decks.  He would design skateboards with his fellow Tunnel Team member Kevin “KT” Thatcher.  They would take solid alder, router […]

Source: Tunnel Blackhart Model – LongBoardLarry


Captured by pirates or stranded at sea for years, all these people are a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Source: These Real-Life Castaways Survived The Harsh Conditions Of The Sea Against All Odds