Cape St. Francis

First they build a golf course and houses to ruin the dunes and now this. What is the world coming to? Is it only surfers realizing what’s happening? Probably.

All beaches in the world belong to you – the people!!!

Quoting Pacific Longboarder:

Surfers Saying No to 4000 Mw Nuclear Reactor Near J-Bay
Monday, 7 July 2008
The proposed nuclear power station at Thuyspunt, just 12km from Cape St Francis, a wave made famous in the iconic 1960’s surf movie, the Endless Summer poses a real threat to Supertubes, one of the most famous surfing waves in the world and home to the Billabong Pro, one of 12 events on the Association of Surf Professionals (ASP) world tour.…

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see Cape St. Francis – before “developement“ (private property) – at YouTube