SurfBEAT – Art-Show – Costa Mesa, California

Ben Strawn, who is an awesome artist, just sent a bulletin about this upcoming California artshow at The Light Gallery. I really would go see that if I lived on that continent!

Quote from his Bulletin:

To All Los Angeles MONSTERS! I’m gonna be in another show soon with over 70 Krazy Artists!This is gonna be BIG man!

Surf Beat Flyer

SurfBEAT group art show!

don’t miss this EPIC group art show that will feature original artwork from over 70 prominent SURF, HOTROD, TIKI and other “outsider” artists.
The show opens MARCH 15 at The Light Gallery in Costa Mesa.
Please check out the flyer below and watch for show updates at

Some of the amazing group of surf, outsider and tiki artists who have committed so far:

The Pizz, Rick Reitveld, Jeral Tidwell, Drew Brophy, John Bell, Candy, Miles Thompson, Ben Strawn,Damian, BigToe, Mr.G, Doug Dorr, Grimb, Steve Caballero, Ken Ruzic, Dave Lozeau, Bamboo Ben, Fudemae, Max Grundy, Aaron Kraten, Fudemae, Squindo, James Mcleod, Keith Ciarmello, The mysterious 13:11, Dirk Hays, Buddy June, Crazy Al, Scott Aicher, Chongolio, Doug Horne, Atomic Kitty, Justin Barry, Chainsaw Chuck Majewski, Von Poot, Dale Sizer, Nik Scarlett, Dark Vomit, Paul Torres, Joe Vitale, Bob Penuelas, Augie pagan, Mike Sosnowski, Tiki ray, TV-1, Ryzart and many more talented artists from all over the globe!… – SurfBEAT – Costa Mesa, California