Links for 9/9/23

The Black Cloud + audio book

Die schwarze Wolke

‘They Will Never Change on Their Own’: Top Oil Giants Have No Serious Plans to Curb Emissions

‘Pulp Fiction’ music consultants open up about the friendship, mixtapes that helped start a soundtrack revolution

Is the Gulf Stream collapsing?

Australian authorities warn locals to stay away from the mysterious metal cylinder on the beach

Fungi stores a third of carbon from fossil fuel emissions and could be essential to reaching net zero, new study reveals

Reparations for climate change? Some think oil companies should pay

Meet the ‘gummy squirrel’ and thousands of other newly discovered deep-sea species – in pictures

Tiki Mugs at Mount Longboards (New Zealand)

Finding the First Americans

Links for 3/19/23

‘Unprecedented’ Surge in Ocean Plastic Waste Could Accelerate in Future

The creeping threat of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt

It’s like a cult!

Saab Sonett

Dorothea Lange’s Censored Photographs of FDR’s Japanese Concentration Camps

Why Methane Surged in 2020

The Ghetto Brothers: Lost Legends of Rock’n’Roll

Revealed: Exxon made ‘breathtakingly’ accurate climate predictions in 1970s and 80s

Ancient Mystery SANXINGDUI

To truly reach net zero emissions, we need to transform the business supply chain

Links for 7/20/14

An Appreciation of the Magical Waters of Mozambique

Google Experiments With Mapping Climate Change

Bees and Colony Collapse

Chris Burkard – The End’s of the Earth

How Morro Bay went from a national disaster to a sustainable success story

Underwater Meadows Might Serve As Antacid For Acid Seas

Administration OKs Super Noisy Airguns in Opening up Atlantic Coast to Oil Exploration

Stephen McParland’s Surf Music History Books Now Digitally Available Online

Links for 7/11/14

These People Are Laying in 7 Days of Their Own Garbage

Drought now covers almost 35% of U.S., and is predicted to grow

Video: brief history of Hollywood and the movie industry

Storms will wreak havoc in the Arctic with probability of Methane Hydrates being released abruptly

Save Canarias: Save Ourselves, Save the Planet

The Native American Culture: Portraits from the Early 1900s

What the fossil fuel industry thinks of the ‘carbon bubble’

This is climate change photojournalism at its best

10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean