46 Classic TV- and Movie Opening Credits

opening still


  1. Lady in Cement
  2. The Prisoner
  3. Randall and Hopkirk Deceased
  4. Duffy
  5. Department S
  6. The Saint
  7. The Rockford files
  8. La Polizia ordina: sparate a vista
  9. The Avengers
  10. The Baron
  11. Columbo
  12. Seven Golden Men
  13. Cannon
  14. Deadly Shots on Broadway
  15. The Streets of San Francisco
  16. Superargo


  1. Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez
  2. My Favorite Martian
  3. Pink Panther


  1. No matter what shape your stomach is in


  1. Menace from the Bottom of the World
  2. Stingray
  3. Rod Scribner Opening for UPA shorts
  4. ?????????? ED
  5. Ghost A Go-Go


  1. The Cool Ones
  2. Sor Yeye
  3. The Mariners
  4. American Graffiti


  1. Assassination
  2. The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
  3. Gerak Kilat
  4. Where the Spies Are
  5. Spy Today Die Tomorrow
  6. Spy in Your Eye
  7. Some Girls Do
  8. From the Orient with Fury
  9. Master Stroke
  10. Mission Bloody Mary


  1. Daktari
  2. The High Chaparral
  3. Der Schatz im Silbersee
  4. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  5. Robinson Crusoe


  1. Love is a Many Splendored Thing
  2. Arabesque
  3. The Sandpiper

51 Incredible Exotica Videos

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  1. Koo Mei – Movie MV
  2. Jungle Book Opening
  3. Arthur Lyman Clip
  4. Arthur Lyman at the Makai Bar
  5. Connie Francis – Misirlou (1965)
  6. Debra Paget: Beauty and Glory in the South Pacific
  7. Afro Mood
  8. Desi Arnaz – Similau
  9. Desi Arnaz – Tabu
  10. Efialths (voodoo dance)
  11. Hoton me aisi baat- Jewel Thief
  12. Karle pyar karle
  13. Korla Pandit
  14. Leon Berry – Beast in the Basement
  15. Criborn plays Polynesian Village disc
  16. Ethel Smith Live The Breeze and I
  17. Three Caballeros – Baía
  18. Mambo Brazilero
  19. 1954 (Mambo)
  20. Josephine Siao movie 1/4-dance
  21. clip 5/5
  22. not in current char set
  23. Thelonious Moog – Take 5, 6 &7 The Long Version!
  24. Ukulele – After the Fox
  25. Ukulele & Melodica – Tequila
  26. The Raymond Scott Quintette – War Dance For Wooden Indians
  27. Soy Cuba clip: floorshow
  28. Setsuo Ohashi – Ebb Tide
  29. Santo & Johnny- Moonlight Serenade
  30. Stranger in Paradise – Violin Solo in stereo
  31. Keroncong
  32. Raquel Welch: Space-Girl Dance
  33. Exotica in Space
  34. Pagan Love Song
  35. Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens
  36. The Lawrence Welk Show: Hindustan
  37. 196x
  38. (not in current char set)
  39. Misora Hibari in Shichihenge Tanukigoten (clip 2)
  40. Nat King Cole – Caravan
  41. Miserlou: an Egyptian girl conquers America, Greek Song Music
  42. Martin Denny – Quiet Village (from Hawaii Calls)
  43. Les Baxter Music of the 60’s
  44. Les Baxter – Tahiti A Summer Night At Sea
  45. The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Exotique
  46. Movie MV
  47. GeLan / Grace Chang
  48. 1950s Dancing Hillbilly Boys – Vintage 8mm Home Movie
  49. Blue Bossa vibes solo
  50. KTown Heroes ft. Jake Shimabukuro – Bodysurfing (cover)
  51. Ernie Kovacs Nairobi Trio (original music)

Yma Sumac Passed Away November 1st

This is really sad news. One of the last Exotica icons of the 1950s. She experienced several resurrgences of interest in her life and was a truly unique artist. This text is from her homepage.


It is with deep sadness, that we report that Yma Sumac passed away at 11 am on Saturday Nov 1st. It was peaceful. Those closest to her were at her side.

A very, very private funeral will be held at an undisclosed location. Per her and her closest relative’s instructions, she will be interred in Hollywood, where she spent 60 years of her life.

Her last year was spent surrounded by people who loved her and looked after her with the very best care possible. It should be a consolation that she was always surrounded by flowers, your beautiful cards, photos of her glory days, and an extraordinary view of Los Angeles’ west side. Also, her personal assistant’s two little Chihuahua’s, whom she loved dearly.

Although this news is written as “news” we are all devastated here. Indeed, there was plenty of time to prepare, but when that final moment comes, one finds they may not be at all prepared.

Yma Sumac – Official web site – the Inca princess

Some Yma Sumac videos.

CNN on Yma Sumac