Article on The “Last” Hukilau

An outsider’s view of the recent Hukilau at the Mai-Kai in Florida available online here.

Henford Lemoore posted his list of drinks mentioned in the article at Tiki Central:

  1. Shark bite
  2. Mara amu
  3. Planters punch
  4. Oh so deadly
  5. Cobra’s kiss
  6. Deep sea diver
  7. Rum julep
  8. Mutiny
  9. K o cooler
  10. Derby daiquiri
  11. Rum barrel
  12. Jet Pilot
  13. Black magic
  14. Mai Tai
  15. Bora bora
  16. Hukilau
  17. 151 swizzle
  18. Martinique Milk Punch
  19. Floritia daiquiri
  20. Mai kai swizzle
  21. Mai Kai special
  22. Malayan Mist
  23. Somoan Grog
  24. S.o.s.
  25. Russian roulette
  26. Hidden pearls
  27. Yeomans Grog
  28. Banana daiquiri
  29. Tahitian breeze
  30. Zulu #1

Surfer Joe Summer Festival

Great selection of contemporary surf bands. And see the immaculate flyer.

Quote from website:

The festival was born in 2003 as the very first European event completely dedicated to surf music. With a load of great bands passed on our stage, we repeated it in 2004.

The Complete Schedule

Main Stage Saturday
16.30 The Surfadelics
17:45 Jaguar & The Savanas
19:30 The Crashmen
21:00 The Charades
22:15 The Vibrants
23:30 Wadadli Riders & Daddy-O Grand

Main Stage Sunday
17:00 I Surfoniani
18:15 The Wavers
19:30 The Wet-Tones
21:00 The Sunny Boys
22:30 The Barbwires
23:30 The Bitch Boys

DJ Sets

Updates comin’ in the next days!

Side Stage Saturday
16:00 Favolosi Traslatori
Great garage/psychedelic show

Side Stage Sunday
18:00 I Rifflessi
The Italian face of 60s surf beat

20:30 Sexual Chocolate
Be ready for superb blues/rock

22:00 Gli Ambaciatori dell’Amore
Fantastic beat from the fabulous 60s

Sunday Morning from 12.00
Attention musicians: join us for the Surf Jam Session, get on stage and play!
All the instruments are already here, open mic, you are more than welcome.


This Sunset Strip Summer

Domenic Priore writes:

O.k., lots of fun stuff to think about, and to do: I’ve set it up so that if you live anywhere near New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles, there will be a ‘Riot on Sunset Strip Film Festival’ near you. Please check out:

There’s lots of cool pictures here as well, and a link to watch Lloyd Bridges driving ‘The Silhouette’ for a couple of minutes… along with some groovy Love, and Brian Wilson ‘Smile’ stuff.

In L.A., I’m doing a ‘Beatnik Sunset Strip’ slide show at Skylight Books in Los Feliz, Thursday, June 26 (free), then the following Sunday (June 29), will be hosting two documentaries at The American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theater… the Love documentary Love Story, and one on jazz vibraphonist/arranger Gary McFarland This is Gary McFarland. Both events start at 7 p.m.

In New York, it will be the ‘Riot on Sunset Strip Film Series,’ over two months of midnight movies at The IFC Center in Greenwich Village, each weekend starting July 25.

In San Francisco, The Red Vic Movie House on Haight Street will feature the ‘Riot on Sunset Strip Weekend’ featuring Riot on Sunset Strip, The Trip, You Are What You Eat and the Love documentary Love Story. This will happen August 28 through 31st.

So, have a look, it’s an easy thing to peruse, and a lot of fun this summer to come from it. …

Spacedog live in Berlin 21.6.

Wer Spacedog noch nicht gesehen hat sollte das nicht verpassen!
Ich hab sie bei der Wassermusik Preview gesehen und war äusserst angetan.
Sebastian schreibt:

Liebe Leute,

es gibt wieder was auf die Ohren und in die Tanzbeine:

Rosengarten im Park am Weinbergsweg (Mitte)
Sa., 21.06.
Nachmittags ab ca. 17h


Freu mich,

Surfing Sixties
Jack Eden at Tristan’s Gallery

Exhibition on 60s surfing photographer in Cornwall – found via Pacific Longboarder:

Surfing Sixties

Jack Eden

This summer Tristan’s Photographic Gallery in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, takes advantage of both its status as one of the few international fine art photographic galleries outside of London and its sunny location amidst the surf beaches of North Cornwall to present a collection of rare, hand-printed, black and white images by the founding father of Australian surf photography, Jack Eden. Described as the ‘photographic biographer’ of Australian surfing history, Eden shot the majority of the images displayed between the late fifties and late sixties mainly around the beaches of Sydney for use in his magazine ‘Surfabout’ learning developing and printing techniques by correspondence with legendary American landscape photographer Ansel Adams.This period was a time of great transition, growth and development in surfing, as both new materials and designs allowed for great progression in the water and more young people pursued a relaxed and carefree lifestyle after the war years such as that offered by the beach. Jack Eden captured both the action taking place on the waves and also the fashions, cars, musicians and attitudes of the blossoming Australian beach scene which has since developed to become a national stereotype. The sixties were the decade when Australian came of age on the waves – the surfing evolution and revolution.…

Tristan’s Gallery
Wadebridge, Cornwall

Wrecking Crew News

From Wrecking Crew News:

Hi Wrecking Crew supporters!

After playing to great response at SXSW, Buffalo, Nashville and Seattle Film Festivals (see reviews), we are thrilled to announce that ‘The Wrecking Crew’ documentary will have it’s Los Angeles premiere on June 28th, 2008. The film will play under the banner “Movies That Matter” as part of the Grand Performances Program in downtown LA at 350 S.Grand. Ave.

This is a free, outdoor festival-style screening under the stars. You can bring a picnic, deck chairs, blankets and even white wine, they don’t allow red wine as it can stain the granite in the Festival area. If a picnic is not your speed, there are some great restaurants in the area. Even though tickets are free, please make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to eat and find a place to sit. Don’t forget a chair or blanket.

We are also very honored to announce that the presentation of the film will be followed by a live performance by Wrecking Crew alumni Hal Blaine (drums), Carol Kaye (electric bass), Don Randi (piano) and Chuck Berghofer (upright bass). Vocals by Julia Fordham and other guest aritsts.

Please Help Us Spread The Word. Its Very Important That Musicians And Music Lovers Know Of This Event. Thanks For Your Support.

I wrote a bout the Wrecking Crew movie here earlier.

Robert Drasnin and Waitiki
at Tiki Oasis 8

Otto von Stroheim writes about Tiki Oasis 8 musical programming:

Tickets are on sale for Tiki Oasis 8!
Tickets have been on sale for a while
But I wanted to let you know
Hotel rooms are going fast and there are only a few VIP passes left

We very quietly added Robert Drasnin and Waitiki to the schedule recently
One of the best classic Exotica acts and one of the best new Exotica acts on the same bill!!

The Robert Drasnin orchestra features Skip Heller on atmospheric guitar, Alice Berry on wordless vocals (aka Formica Dinette), and Mark Riddle (Tikiyaki Orchestra) on keyboards, as well as members on Waitiki in the backing group.

To get an idea of what the show will be like on Sat check out this video from last year

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.

If you are already booked and are not aware of the room parties, please check them out here:

Bodies of Water

I randomly clicked a track on the Spreeblick blog’s newest music review. And it was Doves Circle the Sky by Bodies of Water. And I must say once in a while there’s new music that I really like for some reason or other. This track was playing during one of these very rare moments. Maybe I should listen there more often, since this was the first time I did that!

Popgun! 24 Bodys of Water und Ladyhawke

Waikiki Beachboys by Brian Chidester

Brian Chidester, co-author of Dumb Angel Magazine 4 and the upcoming Pop Surf Culture book (among other things) has a short film about the Waikiki Beachboys on YouTube currently.

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.

Quote from Tiki central:

It’s a short documentary that I directed four years ago, as a teaser to a larger project about the Waikiki Beachboys… native Hawaiian surf instructors and nightclub entertainers from the jazz age up through the ’60s. There were two great generations of Beachboys, and even though there are still beachboy concessions on Waikiki Beach today, the music and scene is nowhere near what it was back in the day.
I hope you enjoy the clip. I have tons of interview footage ‘in the can.’