Links for 11/29/12

Co Yo: Yoghurt Made from Coconut Milk Tiki Chris

Sea level rising faster than IPCC projected

Links for 11/28/12

Tell Your Representative to Support Safe Seafood | Oceana

‘Chasing Ice’, Changing Lives – YouTube

Chasing Ice Trailer

Global Warming Threat: Permafrost Thawing Across Siberia And Alaska Poses New Concern, UNEP Reports

Industrialization brought vacations, and vacations made use appreciate warmer areas, making us forget why we left them long ago.

Brother Cleve’s Tall Cocktail Tale of the Day: Stalking The Elusive Orange Bitters – Cocktail Week – Eater Boston

Blood Red Water at Australian Beach

Behind the Book- A.R. Gurrey’s Surfriders of Hawaii, 1914 – YouTube