60s Fake Fenders

Here’s a great little article on the southeast asian Jaguar and Jazzmaster forgeries of the 60s.

A View from the Back of the Rack
Of Forgeries and War!
By Michael Wright, The Different Strummer
One of my favorite ‘student anecdotes’ involves a young lady who dated World War I to around 5 Million BC on a test because ‘it was, like, the first one, right?!’ I hope she got an A for effort! Anyhow, as wars recede their meanings change with each succeeding generation. Ask a young person today about the Viet Nam War and you might be lucky if he’d ever heard of it. For some older folks among us it seems to have happened only yesterday, transforming their lives so much that they live with it every day. For others of us, it has just become a murky bad dream that we’re only reminded of when a guitar like this ca. 1965 ‘Pinoy Jazzmaster’ forgery comes around! …

Even today some people try to sell them as Fenders on eBay, but I am sure they must have their own place being made of very different woods.