Surfilm Festibal

This spanish surf film festival looks great!

But wait, the poster is proper, and there’s going to be surfbands playing!

At the Surfilm Festibal there’s always been live music… but it seems that this year they are going one step beyond by inviting some very first-rate bands, and even starting an offshoot: the FestiBaila, a music festival within the Surfilm Festibal. In this first edition the FestiBaila will feature the followings bands: Delorean, Los Coronas, Los Tiki Phantoms and Discípulos de Dionisos (click on the names to learn more about each band). I’ve just spoken to Sancho, one of the organizers, to find out more about the FestiBaila.

Here’s the english blog.
Surfilm Festibal 6 Concurso Internacional de Cortos

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