Waikiki Beachboys by Brian Chidester

Brian Chidester, co-author of Dumb Angel Magazine 4 and the upcoming Pop Surf Culture book (among other things) has a short film about the Waikiki Beachboys on YouTube currently.

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Quote from Tiki central:

It’s a short documentary that I directed four years ago, as a teaser to a larger project about the Waikiki Beachboys… native Hawaiian surf instructors and nightclub entertainers from the jazz age up through the ’60s. There were two great generations of Beachboys, and even though there are still beachboy concessions on Waikiki Beach today, the music and scene is nowhere near what it was back in the day.
I hope you enjoy the clip. I have tons of interview footage ‘in the can.’

1930s Waikiki Beach Boys

from Legendary Surfers

Beach Boys of Waikiki, circa 1930s

… ‘Anyway,’ wrote Karen Cotter, ‘from amongst my aunt’s books I acquired two old poetry books by Don Blanding, published in 1923 and 1925 respectively, and in the back of one, written in pencil, is a list of ‘Beach Boys of

Waikiki’ in my aunt’s hand which I thought you might find of interest…’

The listing – by no means complete, but still the largest list of 1930s Waikiki Beach Boys I have seen anywhere – is as
follows, in the order it was written: …

read the names here: 1930s Waikiki Beach Boys