Story on Riley Balsa Surfboards

View how a Riley solid balsa classic board is shaped and later ridden by Barton Lynch and friends. First they take the 9 footers for a try-out and at the end Lynch rides the 12 foot one. Check out how it glides through the big flat section. I guess if you have a board like that you will see familiar breaks with different eyes. You can connect peaks that you regard as singular take-offs when taking a shorter, foam board. My favorite break would probably be very good the longest right in Europe with one of these.

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YouTube – Story on Riley Balsa Surfboards on RA hosted by Barton Lynch –

Surf Music USA
Book on The Surf Music Craze

Stephen McPharland Surf Music USA

I read the Spectro Pop site is recommending this highly. And the author, Stephen J. McParland, has been a prolific historian of the subject of Surf-, hotrod-, Skateboard-, Motorbike and related early to mid 60s musical styles since 1979, when he started his California Music magazine, from Australia.
read more about this book here.

Check out CMusic books while we’re at it!

Surfing Sixties
Jack Eden at Tristan’s Gallery

Exhibition on 60s surfing photographer in Cornwall – found via Pacific Longboarder:

Surfing Sixties

Jack Eden

This summer Tristan’s Photographic Gallery in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, takes advantage of both its status as one of the few international fine art photographic galleries outside of London and its sunny location amidst the surf beaches of North Cornwall to present a collection of rare, hand-printed, black and white images by the founding father of Australian surf photography, Jack Eden. Described as the ‘photographic biographer’ of Australian surfing history, Eden shot the majority of the images displayed between the late fifties and late sixties mainly around the beaches of Sydney for use in his magazine ‘Surfabout’ learning developing and printing techniques by correspondence with legendary American landscape photographer Ansel Adams.This period was a time of great transition, growth and development in surfing, as both new materials and designs allowed for great progression in the water and more young people pursued a relaxed and carefree lifestyle after the war years such as that offered by the beach. Jack Eden captured both the action taking place on the waves and also the fashions, cars, musicians and attitudes of the blossoming Australian beach scene which has since developed to become a national stereotype. The sixties were the decade when Australian came of age on the waves – the surfing evolution and revolution.…

Tristan’s Gallery
Wadebridge, Cornwall

Pacificlongboarder Announcing Article on Surfmusic

Whether it’s about Aussie Atlantics type, Jack Johnson mode, California instro, Beach Boys style or all of them was not specified yet.

Volume 7 Number 4
80 pages plus cover

Face Moves: Twelve Longboard Apostles
The Kingdom of Tonga
Surf Music Lives
Once Were Groms
Profiles: Beau Young & Manly Malibu Club

Surfboard And Memorabilia Auction in Australia

The highest quality surf memorabilia ever brought to auction in Australia will be seen at the Global Surf Industries Noosa Festival of Surfing. The world’s leading authority on surf collectibles, Hawaii’s Randy Rarick will host the evening.Rarick, convenor of the biggest surf auction in the world, Honolulu’s bi-annual Hawaiian Islands Vintage Surf Auction, is making his first trip back to Noosa in eight years for the March 5 auction, to be held at the Festival Village in Lions Park, Noosa Heads.In addition to running the world’s biggest surf auction in Honolulu every second year, Randy is the long-term director of the Hawaii Triple Crown, a founding father of professional surfing and one of our sport’s leading craftsmen and adventurers. He will be assisted by some of Australia’s leading experts in surf memorabilia, including surfboard guru Bob McTavish and author/film buff Murray Walding, plus regular festival auctioneer Bob Johnson.

read more here Pacific Longboarder

Up for Grabs: MP boardshorts as worn in Morning of the Earth, 1971. Framed with signed photo.

For further information, ticket sales and entry forms/online entry visit

Download the complete Auction Catalogue . . . Click here.

Yakuza Looking for Dave Rastovich

Thursday, 14 February 2008
Japanese ‘Yakuza’ gangsters have launched a campaign of intimidation to force a media blackout on the furore surrounding the country’s killing of dolphins and whales, it was claimed yesterday. Australian surfer Dave Rastovich attracted world headlines after he and conservationists including actress Isabel Lucas travelled to the Japanese fishing village of Taiji last year to protest at its annual dolphin kill. Rastovich, the global face of surfwear giant Billabong Australia’s environmental campaigns, said the multi-billion dollar Japanese surf industry had been experiencing the ‘heat’ for his anti-whaling activities. He said he had been told of intimidation from Yakuza thugs – the feared Japanese mafia – who had been visiting Japanese surf shops in search of the outspoken activist. ‘These are the goons from the fishing industry who are visiting surf stores intimidating people and threatening to punish them financially,’ Rastovich said.

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Maybe Duke Kahanamoku Was NOT the First To Surf Australian Waves

Legendary Surfers: Duke Not The First in Oz: “Duke Kahanamoku, the ‘Father of Modern Surfing’ is generally considered to have been the first stand-up surfer in Australia. New research indicates Duke was probably NOT the first:

[ Excerpt from ‘The Duke dethroned as our surfing history is rewritten,’ Matthew Benns, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, December 30, 2007 ]

… Historian Mark Maddox argues Kahanamoku chose to give his famous 1914 surfing exhibition at Freshwater Beach because at nearby Manly too many surfers were dropping in on his waves.”

New Luxuriamusic Shows

Here..s what Domenic Priore wrote about the new Luxuriamusic shows:

Friday: Dom, Kari and Becky 3-9 pm on

hey there all youse MySpace pals…

Domenic Priore reporting here; I shoulda told you sooner, but I’ve just started a radio DJ gig on Friday afternoons, between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time… that means my New York friends can tune in at 6:00 p.m…. as for England etc., it starts at something like 10 or 11 p.m. (In Hawaii, it’s on at noon)

This can be heard here, every Friday:

My show is called Volcanic Action, and the music is primarily Exotica and Surf… whatever works in that context, including West Coast Jazz, Bossa Nova, Hawaiian, Surf instrumentals and Surf movie soundtracks, ’60s Beach Boys/Jan & Dean-type things (Gals made those kinda records too!), Indo-Rock, records from Australia and South Africa, ethereal Joe Meek, Arthur Lyman, Martin Denny… lotsa groovy stuff to dance to, to relax with, and to take you far out into the oceanic stratoshpere. Remember what Lloyd Bridges said on Sea Hunt; “75% of the world is covered in water, so learn to live with it, and enjoy its many riches”

K.A.O.S. a Go Go with Agent Kari follows at 5 p.m. PST with Psychedelic Go Go music, deep and rich. To find out more about who Agent Kari is, see pages 200-205 of PAD (Chronicle Books)

The evening gets really gone, to happy-land, with Bubblegum & Other Delights from 7-9 PST. DJ Becky Ebenkamp (also known as Penelope Pitstop, New York Becky and more) gets down with the whole Joey Levine/Kastenez-Katz/Archies vibe… it’s better’n a thrilling game of chutes and ladders. (You can read tons of Becky’s work in the Kim Coper/David Smay book Bubblegum Music Is the Naked Truth, from Feral House).

Please be with us; we’re here every Friday, your mutual friends of Dumb Angel, spinnin’ on

Domenic Priore

Fridays on
3-5 pm Volcanic Action hosted by Domenic Priore

Pop historian Domenic Priore (of Dumb Angel Magazine) has got a new weekly show on my favorite radiostation,

Each saturday 0:00 cet, 3:00 pm pst.

Now, this is the show if you have any interest in Surf music. In his first show last friday he played the direct LA roots of Surf, where it went and some mega-rare tracks from the 61-64 heyday, you wont hear anywhere else. Together with the other styles he spins it makes for very entertaining and interesting four hours.