Links for 7/21/19

In too deep: why the seabed should be off-limits to mining companies


Reyn Spooner: Behind the Brand and its Iconic Hawaiian Shirts


Ice sheet collapse: The greatest unknown in climate science


Anti-Nazi youth movements in World War II


Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic on Fire


The Sound of Success, Mobile Food Truck Edition


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Humans have made 8.3bn tons of plastic since 1950. This is the illustrated story of where it’s gone


Weird ‘Plasticrust’ Caused by Pollution Forms on Portuguese Island


How Culture Works: Adapt, Teach, Learn.


Sea levels, and heads in the sand


Seafood Without The Sea: Will Lab-Grown Fish Hook Consumers?


For the sake of our health, we need to kick the indoor habit


Psychedelic Vinyl – Vinyl Records LP’s For Sale

Links for 2/1/14

Anti Shark Culling event gathers thousands of people in Australia. |

Strontium-90 confirmed to spread all over underground of Fukushima plant area | Fukushima Diary

Bye-bye Plastic Bags On Bali

Kuala Lumpur airport lands 19MW solar system- Businessgreen mobile

Coming Together on Performance Rights with #IRespectMusic | Future of Music Coalition

The Great Lakes Go Dry: How One-Fifth Of The World’s Fresh Water Is Dwindling Away | ThinkProgress

How to find safe seafood – Boing Boing

The Daily Swarm – The Forgotten Tapes of Brian Wilson…

Vinyl revival – YouTube