Surf Guitar 101 Convention

Otto von Stroheim writes:

There is a HUGE Surf weekend event happening this weekend
All the details are listed below but if you don’t want to read all that boring text you can just check out the poster here:

If you have questions please contact Jeff at:
bigtikidude (at) yahoo (dot) com

Surf Guitar 101 Convention
Suzy’s Bar and Grill
1141 Aviation Blvd. (at Prospect)
Hermosa Beach, California
Noon to 5 or 7 pm, separate night show is 8 pm to midnight

a Swap Meet of surf music (cds, lp’s 45s -new used), and instrument/gear
shirts, posters, hats etc. if you have surf swag/merch to sell bring it, grab a free table and sell away.
Major Vendors will be.
Double Crown Records,
Dionysus Records,
Golly Gee Records
Gomez Amplification
Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum
John Blair with his re-issue of The 80’s album Stampede on CDw bonus trx
Machturtle Productions, and many surf bands cds.
plus many other bands members will be there selling their cds.
and there will be 1 table with Tiki magazine and other tiki related stuff
if you get tired of the Surf stuff.

**but Please save enough Money for the Night show, and their Merch. they need money too, as some of them are coming from The Mid West and
Nor. Cal.

and multi media presentations,
Dominic Priore’s Assistant Brian from the Dumb Angel Gazette and Surf Pop Culture Books, will have some of their books and mags.showing surf music clips from the 60’s and a slide show of historic pictures.
and Possibly have the Original Surfaris Sufari LP for sale.(Lmited qtys)

There will be a short trailer of the ‘Sound of Surf’ music documentary that is in production now, and they may be doing interviews at this event for the film.

Paul Johnson will be having the premier of the Pounding Surf! DVD
plus historic stories and footage from the 60’s surf scene.
plus all of the different cds he has for sale.

and Surf Show
4 Bands
The Boardwalkers, (LA)
Outterwave, (LA)
The Aquasonics, (Colorado)
Secret Samurai, (San Diego)

ALSO just added a short 4 song Eliminators set,
4 songs of Eddie Bertrand with the Eliminators,
and a 30 min Slacktone set.

Surf Jam/ (sign up list to join will be posted soon)many songs,
you play a Standard along with a Live backing band
here is the Link to the Tread with the list of songs to choose to play with Outterwave.
this list will be close soon, so join in now.

and get together/meet and greet

I am still talking to people about coming to it, and being involved.
But I wanted to Officially announce when it will be.

Later that night.
The Madeira from Mid west, Pollo Del Mar from Nor. Cal., Insect Surfers and Detonators are playing 8 pm till Midnight.

On Sun. Aug 3rd at the Huntington Beach Pier, 11 am to 5 pm will be.
The Fabulous Nomads, The Relix, Aquasonics from Colorado, Pollo Del Mar,
The Madeira , and The Surftones, Feat. Matt Q from Reventlos, and Kerry Chester ex of DD’s 80s band.

I Figured it would be best to announce it asap, as I know the sooner the better, for arranging for airfare and sleeping and car accommodations.

There is also a San Diego show with Pollo Del Mar,Madeira,Secret Samurai, and Zombie Surf Camp, on the Fri. nite. Aug 1st. If anybody would like to go down there to get an early st

The New Dimensions Interview by Lance Monthly

I had written a nice text about how I was introduced to The New Dimensions in the 80s. But I lost it trying out the new “Press This” feature of this blog software. It boiled down to the essence that any surf music fan worth his salt has to know this great teenage band from 1962.

Michael Lloyd, lead guitar; Jimmy Greenspoon, piano; Art Guy, drums, Danny Belsky, saxes; David Doud, bass; and Craig Nuttycombe, rhythm guitar.

The band never had any singles released. We worked with these hustler types by the name of Robert Hafner and Tony Hilder. They had a deal with a tiny budget label called Sutton to issue the New Dimension albums as ‘rack jobs.’ Essentially that meant their records would be pressed on cheap vinyl normally reserved for placemats, packaged in fairly generic sleeves, and shipped directly to the cut out bins with no hope of promotion, airplay, or royalties. We had three studio albums, ‘Surf ‘N Bongos’, ‘Soul’, and ‘Deuces & Eights’. We were part of a live album from the Santa Monica surf fair titled ‘Shake! Shout and Soul!’

Read the interview here.

Wassermusik, Part III

I really enjoyed Boom Pam. The Klezmer influence has been displayed by Meshugga Beach Party from San Francisco, but they don’t have a tuba like Boom Pam has! A very enjoyable set, really, really good players, too.

I’ve seen the Bambi Molesters a couple of years ago when they still toured and had the other bassplayer. You can’t escape the dense atmosphere they create and have a really great guitar sound while doing so. They choose fitting covers and have written many beautiful originals. I don’t recall them playing so much on the edge of distortion like yesterday. The albums sure sounded cleaner, but it worked well with the audience the way they did it now.

Surf Playlist on Jon Dyer’s Blog

I recently became aware of this blog through a plug-in Jon developed, and was amazed by a similarly huge Doo-Wop playlist. When I left a comment there, he mentioned the possibility of a Surf playlist and here it is. You will find the player to listen to it right on his blog article and all the tracks are listed. Awesome!

Back To The Beach: The Surf PlaylistThe fake surf album It’s summertime, and all the surfers and hodads are once again sharing that sandy divide between land and sea. No matter which side of the divide you’re on, there’s nothing like some reverb soaked surf-strumentals to make that grey cubicle feel more like a day at the beach.

Back To The Beach: The Surf Playlist – Jon Dyer’s Blog

Wassermusik, Part I

First of all: it rained, so the two Surf shows and The Endless Summer projection took place indoors. The attendence was fair sized, could have been a little better, if outside sure some passer-bys would have joined the fun.

The first time I saw the Surfaris, and it was overwhelming. They cover the entire field of classic California Surf Music and each player added his personal style to great effect, especially Paul Johnson has to be noted here, a flawless player.

Surfer Joe Summer Festival

Great selection of contemporary surf bands. And see the immaculate flyer.

Quote from website:

The festival was born in 2003 as the very first European event completely dedicated to surf music. With a load of great bands passed on our stage, we repeated it in 2004.

The Complete Schedule

Main Stage Saturday
16.30 The Surfadelics
17:45 Jaguar & The Savanas
19:30 The Crashmen
21:00 The Charades
22:15 The Vibrants
23:30 Wadadli Riders & Daddy-O Grand

Main Stage Sunday
17:00 I Surfoniani
18:15 The Wavers
19:30 The Wet-Tones
21:00 The Sunny Boys
22:30 The Barbwires
23:30 The Bitch Boys

DJ Sets

Updates comin’ in the next days!

Side Stage Saturday
16:00 Favolosi Traslatori
Great garage/psychedelic show

Side Stage Sunday
18:00 I Rifflessi
The Italian face of 60s surf beat

20:30 Sexual Chocolate
Be ready for superb blues/rock

22:00 Gli Ambaciatori dell’Amore
Fantastic beat from the fabulous 60s

Sunday Morning from 12.00
Attention musicians: join us for the Surf Jam Session, get on stage and play!
All the instruments are already here, open mic, you are more than welcome.



Now I know which movie this tune is referring to in the Making Out At the Movies album by The Boss Guitars.
I think it’s a Vinnie Bell composition, going back to the Whistle Stop album. There’s also a 45 with a Fink reference in the band name, that’s yet another version.
The track’s title Bazooki refers to Vincent Bell’s invention, the Danelectro Bellzouki. This was the first electric twelve string guitar. And was developed because the greek bouzouki was becoming requested after the soundtrack to Never On A Sunday became such a hit.

Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo at YouTube

Walk-Don’t Run – The Story of The Ventures by Del Halterman

Quote from Lulu:

The Ventures The Story of The Ventures
by Del Halterman

The definitive historic account of The Ventures, the world’s number one instrumental group that had a worldwide smash hit in 1960 with “Walk-Don’t Run.” Their second biggest hit came nine years later with “Hawaii Five-0” but they didn’t quit there, continuing non-stop on a fifty-year career of touring and making wonderful instrumental recordings. …

Walk-Don’t Run – The Story of The Ventures by Del Halterman (Book) in Biographies & Memoirs