Links for 4/28/17

Nuclear shelters: Japanese civilians are installing tropical island-themed bunkers to prepare for a nuclear war — Quartz


Defend the Sacred: How Could the Peace Movement Prevail?


Red Bull CEO’s Breitbart-Idolizing Politics


The Jersey Shore circa 1901. “Driveway and beach at Long Branch.” 8×10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.

Source: The Sandpeeper: 1901 | Shorpy | #1 Old Photos


L.A.’s Concrete River Gets Real | NRDC


Going Lala | The Surfers Journal


US Navy schedules latest war games exercise in Gulf of Alaska, without due regard for environmental or community concerns.

Source: War in the Gulf (No, Not That Gulf!): The U.S. Navy’s Anti-Environmental Broadside in the Gulf of Alaska

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Links for 5/29/14

June 8th is World Oceans DayTop 20 Beach Town Housing Markets

The Groovy Imitation Bands of 1960s Japanese Rock

Our minds are blown!

Boycott of luxury hotels owned by Brunei sultan grows

Only 40% of sewage gets treated in Rio de Janeiro

Kauai Is Called The Garden Island — Here’s Why (PHOTOS)

Why is wave power so far behind wind and solar?

Here’s what that huge fire in Alaska looks like from a NASA satellite

The sand dunes of Maine

Mega dry spell Spain’s worst in 150 years

Links for 3/8/14

Global warming may imperil Statue of Liberty, Tower of London

Tidal flooding in Marshall Islands has caused widespread damage

Extreme weather is ‘silver lining’ for climate action: Christiana Figueres

Greening China’s power brings down cost of renewable energy for all

Eme Tiki – Bill Justis: “The Dark Continent Contribution”…

BBC News – ‘Carbon bubble’ threatens stock markets, say MPs

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Oil From the Exxon Valdez Spill Lingers on Alaska Beaches

IEA Report: Wind and Solar Can Carry Bulk of Energy Transformation