Links for 7/29/14

Is Climate Change Awakening a Methane Monster?

General Mills takes bold stand for climate action

These 27 Powerful Photos Will Make You Swear Off Plastic Forever

This Is Some Of The Most Insane Surf Footage Ever

People’s Climate March & Mobilisation

Feds Consider Ban On Bluefin Tuna Fishing As Population Dips 95 Percent

June 2014 was Earth’s warmest on record as ocean temperatures surged

Stop new oil and gas leasing in America’s oceans!

Time to See the World Bank Group Walk the Talk on Climate

Norilsk breaks records for Arctic heat in a new sign of changing weather patterns

Links for 7/28/14

Vandalism Causes 103,000 Gallons Of Raw Sewage To Surge Into Ocean And Surf Breaks

Elvis Presley: 60 years since the start of rock’s great revolution

The Hidden, Horrifying Impacts of Climate Change It’s not all hurricanes and floods. Expect sewage in your drinking water.

Robert Rubin: How ignoring climate change could sink the U.S. economy

Mega flare

Rising Seas: Will the Outer Banks Survive?

‘Hawaii by Air’ opens at Smithsonian Air and Space: history of air travel to the islands

Links for 7/22/14

The thing you can’t measure: ocean acidification threatens culture and identity in New Zealand

Have Some Fish With Your Plastic

Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession

10 awesome designs made of bamboo

Why Oceans Are Critical to the Economy

Links for 7/21/14

Store – Club Tiki

Vintage Color Photos of Disneyland in the 1950s

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe photographed by Andres de Dienes in October 1945

Italy is about to Ban Monsanto GMO Corn with 80% Public Support!

Countries & Regions With GE Food/Crop Bans