My Playlist at Wassermusik Preview

I could have played all night, the audience was great, but since the public transportation was going on strike in the morning people made the effort to catch the last rides. This list is not in the correct order, I will find a way to ensure the correct posting order for my next playlist.

  1. La Mer d’Hawaii – Die Gitarros
  2. Sake Rock – Martin Denny
  3. Blue Rain – The Islanders
  4. Beach Boy – Martha Shanklin
  5. On Your Marks – Santo & Johnny
  6. Sansar Ki Har Shae – Van Shipley
  7. Phantoma – The Silver Bullets
  8. Beauty Hula – Ray Kinney and his Famous Hawaiian Orchestra
  9. 55 Days of Peking – Rob-E. G.
  10. Atlantis – Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra
  11. Rosarita Surf – Jerry Cole
  12. Hero – Kai Winding
  13. Taboo – The Keymen
  14. Main Title From: Ride The Wild Surf – The Astronauts
  15. Volare – Santo & Johnny
  16. Adios – Xavier Cugat
  17. He Ain’t Heavy… He’s My Brother – Basil Henriques and the Waikiki Islanders
  18. Perfidia – Xavier Cugat
  19. Spooky – Santo & Johnny
  20. Rockambo Baby – Tarragano & his Orchestra
  21. Tequila – Lloyd Lindroth
  22. The Twist – The Parleys
  23. La Paloma – Ken James
  24. Hawaii Five-O – Roberto Delgado
  25. Doin’ The Cha Cha Cha – Preston Epps
  26. Caribbean Nights – Arthur Lyman
  27. Staccato – The Eliminators

I also played a track by The Stylers and The Melodians (Maurice Patton) each, but don’t know the titles since they are set in chinese on the covers and labels.

It was really great to see hawaiian slack-key master Harry Koizumi, with his traditional hawaiian music. Very beautiful. Berlin Surf-band Space Dog showed much potential. They rocked so well towards the end. They just need to hit the stage more often.