Links for 12/31/17

Photos: Malick Sidibe Shows Mali’s Youth With A Groovy ‘Twist’


Wan Chai: Sex, Dives and Bar Cards From 1970s Hong Kong


Seaside Casino: 1905


How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Machine


New lab-bred super corals could help avert global reef wipeout




Sustainable Package Design is a Must to Tackle Pollution Crisis


Barracuda and surfer dude… 1964 Plymouth press release photo


New evacuations ordered as California Thomas wildfire rages


After You Finish Your Drink, You Can Eat This New Edible Straw


The Downtown LA that just won’t quit


The Fight Against The Tiny Plastic Pellets Choking Our Oceans


Ice Apocalypse | Grist





Links for 2/25/17

Ready for a rabbit hole?

Source: How to access 375,000 beautiful, copyright-free images from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art — Quartz


Classic Surf Vehicles Set To Make a Big Splash At Kingscliff

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


Wahtiki Island Lounge in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China | Critiki


Iraq Museum takes unusual step of allowing objects to leave country to show their significance amid Isis’s ‘nihilistic’ destruction

Source: Answering cultural genocide: Iraqs looted treasures to be displayed at Venice Biennale | World news | The Guardian


The ocean is going to be significantly higher than previously understood, according to the latest national assessment of sea level rise.Will President Trump and his appointees roll back policies to address the impacts of climate change—like sea level rise.

Source: As Seas Rise, How Far Will Trump’s Anti-Climate Agenda Go? | NRDC

Links for 5/3/14

Pacific Ocean acidity dissolving shells of key species

Hipsville Party Weekend 2014 (UK)

Bygone brutalism. Old Trader …

When Cowboys and Indians Unite: Inside the Unlikely Alliance Remaking the Climate Movement

That’s no shipwreck; that’s an asphalt volcano

Kilauea eateries no longer use plastic foam, earning “Styrofoam Free” status for Kauai town

Asda: 95% of our fresh produce is already at risk from climate change

The Devil’s Toy Redux

Streets of USA in the 1950s-60s

Ed Begley: Live the Solution on Vimeo

When It Comes to Solar, the Market Is Making Environmentalism Easy

Oceanus- The Problem

Lucky Cat S8 E4 Podcast – Tribute to Sir Run Run Shaw