Links for 11/9/10

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  • Tony Hayward: BP Was Unprepared For Gulf Oil Spill, ‘We Were Making It Up Day To Day’ Well, it became the biggest in history none the less. (tags: oil spill gulf bp aral health earth wildlife seafood ocean)
  • Will oil bring death to Gulf’s rich web of life? | (tags: gulf oil spill bp aral health seafood wildlife ocean earth)
  • Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica @ Cafe Vivaldi on Dec 2, 2010 – Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica (a band) (tags: exotica)
  • An American Surf Legend Returns – Redondo Beach, CA Patch (tags: south-bay surfing)
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  • Where’s the Gulf oil? In the food web, study says – Yahoo! News (tags: oil seafood wildlife health earth ocean bp spill drilling aral boycott gulf)

New Documentary about California Garage Studio PAL, which Produced Surf Music Classics

The very studio where Paul Buff and Frank Zappa recorded one of my all time favorite LPs is The Hollywood Persuaders, featuring tracks like Drums a-Go-Go and Thunderbird.

freakoutincucamonga writes over at Surf Guitar 101:

Check out our web page for our documentary, “Freak Out in Cucamonga.”

For anyone interested in the Cucamonga studios in the early 60’s that brought you ‘Wipeout’ and ‘Pipeline’, as well as recording sessions from Johnny Fortune, The Tornadoes, Conrad and the Hurricane Strings, Johnny Barakat, and let’s not forget, Frank Zappa.

YouTube link to Cucamonga PAL Studio documentary video trailer