Links for 12/6/13

New volcanic island appeared in 1,000km south of Tokyo | Fukushima Diary

Dark Roasted Blend: Cinerama: “The Next Big Thing That Was”

Sumeet Yadav’s answer to Best Kept Secrets: What is the best kept secret?

Stop the TPP and TTIP

Exposed: The Rightwing’s National Plan To Crush Green Energy

Project Expat: What It Means To Be An Expatriate

BP oil spill claims halted by shocking court reversals

‘King Cocktail’ Serves Up Prohibition History, Hangover Cure

‘We Don’t Want That Kind of World’

Federal Study Warns of Sudden Climate Change Woes

Images Of Change

“Fanfare” – Hang Drum Solo by Dante Bucci

How do you figure out how much plastic is in the ocean?

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BP’s Long History of Industrial Disasters, Deceit, Intimidation and Corporate Espionage

R.I.P Nelson Mandela (1918-2013): A Life in Photographs