1970s Skateboard Movie with Cool Music

Skateboard Sense is a safety film. The skating is stylish bankriding and nose wheelies and it’s just a great window into a time before skating was becoming more radical. So the action here could be from the sixties with a little shorter hair and clay wheels. Amazingly the music selection fits the skating style perfectly, the movie even starts with a nifty cool surf-instrumental that I didn’t know before. It’s a very competendly crafted tune. The other music is blues rock and slapstick/silent-movies oldtime music. A Sid Davis Production.

link to the page at the Prelinger Archives

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Weird Italian Surf

I can’t resist any video with a 1960s style main title inspired animation like this one. Click to view the video of Doctor Legume.

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quote from Facebook:

‘El Supersonico’ by Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks
Source: www.youtube.com
big ass surf + hi-tech gadgets + espionage action into a cotton candy-flavored kaleidoscope Reverb-drenched surf music performed by Docteur Legume Et Les Surfwerks / weird onemanband from Italy

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