Links for 12/12/10

Happy Birthday ‘Fanciulla’ — Puccini’s Spaghetti Western Turns 100 : Deceptive Cadence

The Ventures’ Christmas Album LP

Tiki Wonderland

BP claims frustration prompts call to FBI – New Orleans News

Links for 12/8/10

Don The Beachcomber – Huntington Beach, CA

Armed services are urged to stock kitchens with Gulf seafood

Links for 12/7/10

Guitar Amplifier Repair Los Angeles , Tube Amp Repair and Custom at Tubesville by Blackie Pagano 

Facebook | Pollo Del Mar, Meshugga Beach Party, Trivalve

Gretsch 1969 Streamliner Cherry (315486405) – eBay

Combat Gerry Mcgee Signature TL (316230305) – eBay

Burns Legend “S” Type Green Polyester Hollow

Links for 12/5/10

Virginia Rocks! The History of Rockabilly in the Commonwealth

Riptide Bandits / Mighty Surf Lords

Galanti Grand Prix italien Vintage excellent

Dynacord Jazz, klasse vintage Combo

FARFISA FR-20 Vollröhren Amp Vintage Tubeamp 6L6 EF86

Farfisa FR 40 Vintage Tube Amp Jensen & Fender Röhre bei

Vintage Supro Reverberation amp Reverb

Vintage 1960s Premier 90 Guitar Reverb Working & Clean

Klemt Echolette Bandecho Vintage 60er

Vintage 1961 Dynacord Echocord S61 Tube-Tape-Delay


Vintage Vox AC30 – JMI – Bj. 64 – Copper Panel bei

Beach Boys: An American Band – Watch the Documentary Film for Free