Links for 10/12/15


By Stefan Rahmstorf via Scilogs The past 2000 years of climate change have now been reconstructed in more detail than ever before by the PAGES 2k project.

Source: Most Comprehensive Paleoclimate Reconstruction Confirms Hockey Stick


Joining the chorus of watchdogs who say Volkswagen (VW) must pay for its corporate crime, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) on Tuesday released an analysis charging that financial penalties for the company’s environmental violations should be no less than $25.1 billion in the United States alone.

Source: Not Just Consumer Fraud, VW Scandal Called ‘Crime Against Climate’


This is How Americans were Enjoying Their Beaches in 1948


Check out this clip of Jan and Dean lip-syncing Sidewalk Surfin’ on American Bandstand. August 22, 1964. Dick Clark talks with audience a little bit about skateboarding (a young man’s g…

Source: Jan and Dean, which one was a poser?