Links for 12/31/16

Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah will protect some of America’s most striking landscape—and its earliest history.

Source: This Ancient Place Just Secured Membership in America’s Culture Club | NRDC


Berlin discusses possible reparation payments over massacre of tens of thousands of people in early years of 20th century

Source: Germany moves to atone for forgotten genocide in Namibia | World news | The Guardian


The Sound Recordings catalog comprises over 17,400 digital audio files, beginning with Lomax’s first recordings onto (newly invented) tape in 1946 and tracing his career into the 1990s.

Source: Research Center


Earth-force meets money-force at Standing Rock. I’m so relieved I’m here. It scares me to think that I might have missed this.We get up at dawn. Four hundred people walk slowly in a light snow to the river by the camp. A teacher is talking. His headdress is a crisscrossing of long, narrow feathers. He is of the Havasupai, the people who live by the blue-green waterfalls at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He calls out across the river. “Water is life! Take me! My heart beats with you!”

Source: Standing Rock: A Moment of Clarity for Progressive Activists


According to a study from Plymouth University, plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from plastic pollution. Here are some of the marine species most deeply impacted by plastic pollution.

Source: These 5 Marine Animals Are Dying Because of Our Plastic Trash … Here’s How We Can Help


A steady increase in sea levels is pushing saltwater into U.S. wetlands, killing trees from Florida as far north as New Jersey. But with sea level projected to rise by as much as six feet this century, the destruction of coastal forests is expected to become a worsening problem worldwide.

Quelle: Ghost Forests: How Rising Seas Are Killing Southern Woodlands by Roger Real Drouin: Yale Environment 360


We’re inspired every time we have a great cocktail, and we definitely started to feel inspired when we visited Highland Park Bowl the other night and enjoyed a few of their cocktails. The dri…

Quelle: El Capitan Hook


They are thought to be solitary, but new research shows one shark species to be intensely social

Source: Sand tiger sharks: far friendlier than you think | Environment | The Guardian


Source: Mandala Oblongata | A Kaleidoscopic Adventure on the Loaded Boards Tan Tien



Links for 12/3/16

Scientists warn increasingly rapid melting could trigger polar ‘tipping points’ with catastrophic consequences felt as far away as the Indian Ocean

Source: Arctic ice melt could trigger uncontrollable climate change at global level | Environment | The Guardian



It is with a heavy heart that we report on the tragic passing of Victor Earhart. Victor worked for Sector 9 for a number of years and was truly one of the most

Source: Victor Earhart – 1946 – 2016 | Concrete Wave Magazine


Cape Town’s stunning rugged coastline is studded with great beaches, but they can get very busy. Here are 10 places locals head for sand and sun without the crowds

Source: The worlds best hidden beaches: Cape Town | Travel | The Guardian


Summary: Focus on the states. Advocate for clean energy. (This is a follow-up to my post on pushing for progress at the state level.) Short Version If you read nothing else in this post, follow the…

Source: To Fight Climate Change in the Trump Era, Focus on the States


100% Skateboarding Magazine, including longboarding. “The ride is the reward”

Source: Concrete Wave Magazine


Loaded Boards | The Eiffel Effect with Lotfi Lamaali


The indigenous Harakmbut people say their ancestral land in the Peruvian Amazon is historic – but energy companies want it for oil and gas exploration. Frontline’s newest 360 video explores the

Quelle: Hunt for the Inca Ruins

Links for 5/22/16

From 1820 to 2013, 79 million people obtained lawful permanent resident status in the United States. The interactive map below visualizes all of them based on their prior country of residence. The brightness of a country corresponds to its total migration to the U.S. at the given time. Use the controls at the bottom to stop / […]

Source: Here’s Everyone Who’s Immigrated to the U.S. Since 1820 – Metrocosm


Surfing in Palestine: pleasure-seekers of the occupied territories





Avalon 1964, With Midget Farrelly and Bobby Brown

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


Australia’s world heritage site is the largest living thing on Earth. But warm water driven by El Niño is bleaching the reef, and a recent report calls for it to be listed as in danger

Source: Great Barrier Reef: the scale of bleaching has the most sober scientists worried

Links for 5/19/16

Rabbit Kekai, the Last of the Waikiki Beachboys, Dies At 95

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


Predicting the attack on Pearl Harbor


Drowned worlds: Egypt’s lost cities


The Marxophone is a 1912 toy instrument that combines a zither with a keyboard linked to flexible hammers that repeatedly strike the strings. The resulting sound, over the years, has earned a stran…

Source: The Marxophone, spooky carnival instrument / Boing Boing


Where are surfing’s most creative subcultures today?



Last Week in Namibia


Video: Last Week in Namibia

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events

I just checked if this video works with a random track of mine (I picked Magic Fly), and if you start the music the moment he first gets barrelled it’s quite on cue throughout. There’s overhang at the end, but that’s nice, too.

Links for 12/17/15

Source: Holy rollers: Church transformed into psychedelic skate park


Encyclical Letter Laudato si’ of the Holy Father Francis on care for our common home (24 May 2015)

Source: Laudato si’ (24 May 2015) | Francis



The native deisgns of New Zealand / Aoteoroa, rendered in SVG

Source: the new code – World Ethnomathematics: Maori Designs in SVG


It pumped out hugely successful cowboy films, heist dramas and Bond-style thrillers. It launched a Hollywood career and made the world’s first Zulu-language film. So does it matter that the explosion of black cinema in apartheid South Africa was funded by Pretoria – and led by an Afrikaner construction boss?

Source: Sollywood: the extraordinary story behind apartheid South Africa’s blaxploitation movie boom

Links for 11/1/15

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A new study by the Risky Business Project paints a grim picture of Florida’s economy if industries fail to take seriously the risks from climate change.

Source: Florida leads nation in property at risk from climate change | Miami Herald



A novel analysis of temperature records shows that economies perform worse in high heat.

Source: Climate Change Slams Global Economy in a New Study From Stanford and Berkeley – Bloomberg Business


HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Cyanide poisoning has killed 22 elephants in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said on Monday. This brings to 62 the number of elephants…

Source: Zimbabwe: 22 more elephants killed in Hwange Park by cyanide


Link retires to his chicken coop, sings, invents Americana

Source: Link Wray – 3-Track Shack – Uncut


Rescue workers in smoke-choked Indonesia are considering a mass evacuation of orangutans

Source: Rescue workers in smoke-choked Indonesia are considering a mass evacuation of orangutans