Links for 7/2/16

Surfboards. Aloha. Rock n Roll

Source: Pacific Longboarder News / Reviews / Events


Scientist on honeymoon in Thailand stumbles on ‘horrific-looking’ creature that is the first one known to swim

Source: Giant swimming, venomous centipede discovered by accident in world-first | Environment | The Guardian


Your daily guide to all things hip, retro and vintage

Source: Now available: Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator at Firebox


If tests of the 100m-long barrier that collects rubbish on the sea’s surface are successful, it could be deployed at a larger scale in the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’

Source: Dutch prototype clean-up boom brings Pacific plastics solution a step closer | Environment | The Guardian

Links for 3/18/16

Thirty-eight seasons in Indo with the surfer, skipper, and explorer

Source: Interview: Jim Banks | The Surfers Journal


Divesting from fossil fuels required breaking a family tradition.

Source: My Oily Heirloom


Edward Curtis’ epic portraits of North American indians are a joy. And so too are his pictures of North America’s indigenous peoples dressed in ceremonial masks.

Source: Fantastic Photographs Of North American Indians In Ceremonial Masks (1905-1915) – Flashbak


10 track album

Source: Freakout | Trabants




Our weekly look at a favorite new typeface. Share yours with us on Twitter and Instagram @AIGAdesign with #TypeTuesday. Name: Phoreus Cherokee Designer: Mark Jamra Foundry: Type Culture Release Date: 2014; version 2.0 in October 2015 Back story: In the summer of 2011, two representatives from

Source: A Typeface Designed to Revive the Endangered Cherokee LanguageEye on Design | Eye on Design