Links for 11/8/19

Forged in Fire: California’s Lessons for a Green New Deal


Costa Mesa’s Troy Elmore, half a dozen leedle lefts at Blackies


The Land of the Basques Orson Welles Full documentary with Basque subs


Bob Ross


Take a Sneak Peek Inside Max’s South Seas Hideaway


Thanks, Lalo


Media Stability Ratings


Scientists’ Advice to People Living in Coastal Areas? Move.


Japan To Dump Radioactive Water From Fukushima Reactor Into Pacific Ocean


Benidorm the Learning Years

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Can We Survive Extreme Heat?


The Bells Beach Surf Film Festival announce their first short film contest

Links for 9/9/14

A Spanish Island Is About To Be The World’s First Energy Self-Sufficient Island

Montana by Dirt: Coming Soon

Disruption: Climate. Change

Help secure a living ocean, food and prosperity – propose a new agreement for high seas protection in September 2014

Invasion Z: Zombie Wars or Resource Wars?

New Source of Greenhouse Gas “Cleaners” Found on Clouds

30 Years of Coastal Protection

Wave Watch #64, 1986 Rick Griffin, Randy Nauert, Tom Curren Peter Townend (Full show)

The Age of Stupid

Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew

Links for 6/10/14

Protest against oil drilling in the Canary Islands, power to the people!

Vinyl Records Excavated at Famous ’60s Commune Challenge ‘Hippie’ Stereotype, Study Says

35 Clearest Waters In The World To Swim In Before You Die

Hawaii 5-0 drum fill

Marine reserve ‘dream’ arrives

World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Car Makes Its Debut

Download Over 22,000 Golden & Silver Age Comic Books from the Comic Book Plus Archive

President of Kiribati Anote Tong on climate change: “It’s too late for us” on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS