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From Domenic Priore
…this Saturday night, and then some…

First up: The Beach Boys ‘Smile’ album and box set will be released by Capitol Records on Tuesday, November 1st…(yours truly wrote the liner notes)… that morning, be sure to tune in to the CBS Early Show for a segment about the album that’ll feature some incredible and never-before-seen performance, studio and conceptual footage of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys during the time ‘Smile’ was recorded in 1966.

Join me Saturday, October 22nd for a night of live, swirling-organ-sound ’60s garage punk fuzz, dynamite gal lead singers and some badass cats with The Love Me Nots, The Wooly Bandits, Magic Christian (featuring Cyril Jordan of The Flamin’ Groovies) + Mod Dylan.  I’ll be spinnin’ sounds right out of the ‘Riot on Sunset Strip’ book, including some of thee most hardcore Soul and R&B from pre-1969 Los Angeles, heavy dollops of Psych, ’60s Garage, Soundtracks, Folk-Rock and some burnin’ ’50s stuff to boot… all locally-derived record-makers! Dancing ’til 3. The Bullet at El Cid Restaurant (the historic El Cid Flamenco Theater in Silver Lake), 4212 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90029  (323)  668-0318  $12, 21 and up.
Note:  For those who’ll be in Hollywood, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park or Downtown earlier, stop by The Echo (1822 W. Sunset) between 5 p.m. and 9, Magic Christian and another combo they’re touring with will be playing, and I’m DJing that event, too, for longer; I’ll be playing all instrumental Easy Listening versions of Go Go ’60s hits, for you earlybird-drinking Loungeheads.
plus Friday, October 21st, The Nashville Ramblers are on the West Coast this weekend as well, and will be playing a big set in San Diego on Friday, October 21st at The Til’ Two Club… then on Saturday night the 22nd… same night as The Bullet, take your pick… The Nashville Ramblers will be opening for The Muffs at The Crave Lounge in Ventura.  a Wild Weekend indeed!
Dig the YouTube: