Links for 8/28/14

[Sunset Tower Records, Los Angeles]

Australian renewable energy industry facing destruction

Live mermaid and other underwater crochet creations

Aloha shirt featuring critters from Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur

Pope Francis urged to rid the Vatican of investments in fossil fuels

Scientists Discover Hundreds of Methane Leaks Bubbling from the Floor of the Atlantic Ocean

Irreversible Damage Seen From Climate Change in UN Leak

Drought Leaves 100s Of Central CA Homes With No Tap Water

Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what?

Links for 7/18/14

It’s a plastic world

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world


Links for 2/28/14

Tonga Hut – Palm Springs, CA | The Tiki Chick

Australia’s renewables adviser scrapes the bottom of the climate denialist barrel

Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs in Hawaii

Göbekli Tepe – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prehistoric forest uncovered by storms in Cardigan Bay – in pictures

Surfing 4m croc closes Broome’s Cable Beach

Work to begin on 180-mile “Nicaragua Canal” to rival Panama

How Hawaiian Shirts are Made

Wild leopard sparks panic in Meerut, India, as it prowls through apartment, hospital and movie theatre

Links for 10/28/13

The PS dot com AES 2013 report | Preservation Sound

Envisionation Interview: David Wasdell On the IPCC & Scientific Voice – YouTube.

Who Knew that Disposable Plates Could be Stylishly Designed? Biodegradable TableWare by Wasara.

To Expand Offshore Power, Japan Builds Floating Windmills –

vintage everyday: Beautiful Black & White Photos of Women in Old-Fashioned, ca. 1940’s.

New Film Explores Ocean Planning on Washington’s Pacific Coast | Surfrider Foundation.

Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn | Video | The Seattle Times.

Every First-Edition Ian Fleming James Bond Book Cover (1953-1966) |

Links for 9/21/13

Coral reefs suffer as the relentless hunt for shark fins takes its toll | Environment |

Journalism and Climate Change: A conversation about this bad relationship and ideas about what might help – Faun Kime

vintage everyday: Fashion on the Street of Singapore, ca. 1969

Japan Meteorological Research Institute “60,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 and Sr-90 is leaking to the open ocean everyday” | Fukushima Diary

Locking in the locked-out generation – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bella vita

Miniweb Earth League News

Lost & Found on Vimeo

Arctic Ocean Acidification – Faun Kime