300 Days Alone on an Island

They already know they are going to edit 300 days into 52 minutes…! Doesn’t the island look gorgeous from above?

Quote from Private Islands blog:

French explorer and adventurer Xavier Rosset is about to embark on a 300 day trip to live alone on a remote tropical island in the South Pacific. His adventures will be filmed and used for a 52 minute documentary.

Xavier’s only luggage will be a Swiss army knife, machete video camera and a solar panel for charging the camera. He will spend 10 months alone on an island to develop another way of life through an exciting adventure, a return to the elemental sources. Xavier will survive alone on an island without human interference and without polluting emissions.

via Boing Boing
Xavier Rosset, 300 days alone on an island

Guitarist Jerry Cole Died on Wednesday

from Jerry Cole’s MySpace profile:

Our dear friend Jerry Cole died Wednesday night at his home in Corona, California. Funeral services are still pending but a public memorial is also being planned for the near future. Jerry’s wife Gale was with him when he suffered a massive heart attack. Jerry was 68 years old and is survived by Gale and their daughters, Monique and Katrina, and son, Cane. Jerry’s other son, Keith, died just a year earlier at the age of 28.

from Answers.com

Throughout the ’60s and , guitarist/songwriter Jerry Cole worked with some of the most prominent talents in rock’n’roll, including Them, the Beach Boys, the Byrds, and as a session man in Phil Spector’s ‘Wrecking Crew.’ With his own group the Spacemen, Cole released four albums of space-age surf music in just over two years, beginning with 1963’s Outer Limits. As the ’60s progressed, Cole worked on sessions for the Byrds’ ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’/’I Knew I’d Want You’ single and Them’s 1965 self-titled album. He teamed up with Roger McGuinn again in 1972 for McGuinn’s debut solo record, and session work with Roger Miller, Chuck Howard and Susie Allanson sent him in a country-rock direction. Cole’s work with the Spacemen was collected in the 1999 Sundazed compilation Power Surf! The Best of Jerry Cole & His Spacemen. ~ Heather Phares, All Music Guide

Jerry Cole

Pacificlongboarder Announcing Article on Surfmusic

Whether it’s about Aussie Atlantics type, Jack Johnson mode, California instro, Beach Boys style or all of them was not specified yet.

Volume 7 Number 4
80 pages plus cover

Face Moves: Twelve Longboard Apostles
The Kingdom of Tonga
Surf Music Lives
Once Were Groms
Profiles: Beau Young & Manly Malibu Club


Higher Than Fi Article at Rake Magazine

Great thorough article on Jet Set Planet Radio Show.
Quote from Rake Magzine:

Higher than Fi
Spinning the sounds of thrift store vinyl, Jet Set Planet sends radio into a new orbit.by John ErvinDecember 12, 2007The European sun shines on James Coburn, his lean frame in a white Mod jacket with red turtleneck. Putting on enormous sunglasses and flashing his classic chops, he sidles out of the palm-tree fringed villa, where he has just spent the night with Monica Vitti, and slips into his silver Ferrari. Bound for another criminal adventure involving diamonds, art, or cold hard cash, he speeds onto a cliff-side road, which just happens to overlook an endless body of crashing blue water.

Read all at Higher than Fi | The Rake Magazine

Great Quotes From a Legendary Jazz Drummer

These quotes are from a recent interview Evolution of Media made with Chico Hamilton, who happens to be one of my favorite drummers.

…I hear many drummers today, who have amazing chops, but who ultimately leave me cold because they never settle down long enough to get a pocket going, to keep some time. Some consider it old fashioned, but for my own listening pleasure, I enjoy hearing a band that swings. I think you will enjoy it too.

I’m told that people still dance to my music in nightclubs. There’s no greater compliment than that!

…But I can tell you one thing that I do know, which is that if this ‘so called’ industry becomes more about the format, than it is about the music, then it’s a dead end industry.

Chico Hamilton on iTunes and MySpace

When Tiki Meets Surfboard

Some of these look good to me, of course they’re impracticle as surfboards, more like ritual paddles, spears and guaras.

*HUA Sculptured Surfboards

HUA (Polynesian Soul) SCULPTURES are the work of Aaron Kereopa – a young Maori surfer and artist.
Aaron designs and then carves these characters into stripped back, old – dis-used surfboards. Each of them represents a part of a Maori warrior tree.
Aaron’s works are now only available by commission.

Surfa.com.au – the Art, the Sport and the Lifestyle of Surfing

Line-Up Wassermusik, Berlin ’08

The event takes shape! As posted before, I will keep you updated.

Line Up Wassermusik

10.7. 19h Leopold Kraus Wellenkapelle; 20.30h The Surfaris
11.7. 19h Messer Chups; 20.30h La Pupuna
12.7.19h Boom Pam; 20.30h Bambi Molesters
13.7. 20.30h Marc Ribot Trio

17.7. 19h Juana Molina; 20.30h Eliza Carthy
18.7. 19h Chor der Kulturen der Welt; 20.30h Dori Caymmi
19.7. 19h Fikat al Bahrain; 20.30h Hamid Baroudi
20.07. 14h Family Concert with Fikat al Bahrain/ afterwards Ocean Club

24.7. 19h Belli de Waikiki; 20.30h Waitiki
25.7. 20.30h Don Tiki
26.7. 19h Coconami; 20.30h Lushy
27.07 Chillout Kahuna Kawentzmann


Surfilm Festibal

This spanish surf film festival looks great!

But wait, the poster is proper, and there’s going to be surfbands playing!

At the Surfilm Festibal there’s always been live music… but it seems that this year they are going one step beyond by inviting some very first-rate bands, and even starting an offshoot: the FestiBaila, a music festival within the Surfilm Festibal. In this first edition the FestiBaila will feature the followings bands: Delorean, Los Coronas, Los Tiki Phantoms and Discípulos de Dionisos (click on the names to learn more about each band). I’ve just spoken to Sancho, one of the organizers, to find out more about the FestiBaila.

Here’s the english blog.
Surfilm Festibal 6 Concurso Internacional de Cortos

Finger Board Dream Pool

From Have You Seen Him:

actually …It’s a glass coffee table designed and built by non other than Lance Mountain himself. This little pool has so much detail you’d think it’s a real pool, with the hand painted scum line, wheel marks, diving board and stairs to the working mini pool light ( battery operated) in the deep end. It is displayed in my toy room and is one of my prize possessions in that room. I sold an 80’s Lance Mountain deck i had stored in my attic collecting dust for years to pay for this “one of a kind” art piece from Lance. This was definitely worth the trade.

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Fan Tools Page Added

A new page with goodies you can put anywhere on the web, or on your MySpace profile, or comments, bulletins – whatever. This took the place of the Merchandise page, the merch widget is among the supporter goodies there. So you’re welcome to help yourself. Feel free to ask if something is unclear – there are little links to pages with the widget/player codes. Often there are special MySpace editions, you will want to use there. The players can be editied with different skins and measurements.