SurfBEAT – Art-Show – Costa Mesa, California

Ben Strawn, who is an awesome artist, just sent a bulletin about this upcoming California artshow at The Light Gallery. I really would go see that if I lived on that continent!

Quote from his Bulletin:

To All Los Angeles MONSTERS! I’m gonna be in another show soon with over 70 Krazy Artists!This is gonna be BIG man!

Surf Beat Flyer

SurfBEAT group art show!

don’t miss this EPIC group art show that will feature original artwork from over 70 prominent SURF, HOTROD, TIKI and other “outsider” artists.
The show opens MARCH 15 at The Light Gallery in Costa Mesa.
Please check out the flyer below and watch for show updates at

Some of the amazing group of surf, outsider and tiki artists who have committed so far:

The Pizz, Rick Reitveld, Jeral Tidwell, Drew Brophy, John Bell, Candy, Miles Thompson, Ben Strawn,Damian, BigToe, Mr.G, Doug Dorr, Grimb, Steve Caballero, Ken Ruzic, Dave Lozeau, Bamboo Ben, Fudemae, Max Grundy, Aaron Kraten, Fudemae, Squindo, James Mcleod, Keith Ciarmello, The mysterious 13:11, Dirk Hays, Buddy June, Crazy Al, Scott Aicher, Chongolio, Doug Horne, Atomic Kitty, Justin Barry, Chainsaw Chuck Majewski, Von Poot, Dale Sizer, Nik Scarlett, Dark Vomit, Paul Torres, Joe Vitale, Bob Penuelas, Augie pagan, Mike Sosnowski, Tiki ray, TV-1, Ryzart and many more talented artists from all over the globe!… – SurfBEAT – Costa Mesa, California

What Is This? Witco?

I have no idea. But it looks somewhat Witco-like to me. Considering it’s on an island belonging to Europe’s mainland Tiki-mecca Spain, which blossomed shortly before the decline of Tiki in the seventies, this could easily be from that period. The major property developement in this place dates back to that era as well.
I don’t mean there are Tikis anywhere in this picture, but it reminds me of abstract late 60s and 70s works by William Westenhaver, as seen on page 216 in Tiki Modern by Sven A. Kirsten. Any hints?

Hawaii Fasching München

From DJ Lemonsqueezer:

Aloha hou!

Rosenmontag 04.02.07 21.00 -4.00
Im Atomic Café,
Neuturmstr. 5 München

Live auf der Bühne: HONOLULU SIXPACK
Honolulu Sixpack spielen Hawaii Rock’n’Roll der mit Calypso, Surf
und anderen exotischen zutaten aufgelockert wird. Seit Ihrer Gründung
vor ca. 2 Jahren ging es in der Szene mit der Band steil nach oben.
Bisheriger Höhepunkt war sicher Ihr Openair Gig bei der legendären Hawaii
Party in Senigallia vor ca. 4000 begeisterten Fans. Mit Ihrer 6 Mann
Besetzung (incl. Ukulele, Lapsteel-guitar, Percussions, Piano & Organ)
bieten sie einen breiten, selten so live präsentierten Rock’n’Roll
Sound, der in die Beine geht!

& DJ Lemon Squeezer (Atomic Café) spielt:
Hawaiian Rock’n’Roll, Swing Hapa Haole Songs, Tamouré, Surf, Calypso,
Limbo & Latin Exotica

Tiki Office Re-Styling TV Show

Fender Jaguar/Jazzmaster authority and accomplished surf guitarist Mel Waldorf writes at Surf Guitar 101 about an american tv-show (HGTV) they (himself and Jessica Lindsay) participated in and got their home office re-designed.

This is when the action takes place
Air times:
.January 26, 2008 5:30 PM ET/PT
from the HGTV website:

‘Tropical Tiki Office
As avid collectors, homeowners Mel Waldorf and Jessica Lindsey have a jackpot of fun finds to use, so creating a very personalized space is easy. While incorporating bright and fun elements, host Karen McAloon and the Design Remix team give the room purpose, clear up clutter and form functioning workspaces. The result is a home office that’s practical, yet playful and as tempting as a tropical tiki island.’

Disclaimer: The show’s director strongly encouraged us to behave like imbeciles… we were acting…really.

I really would love to see this.

Hukilau 2008

Great art, as always!


live acts:
Tikiyaki Orchestra – Los Angeles
Martini Kings – Los Angeles
Fisherman – New York City
Haole Kats – Florida
Intoxicators – Florida

exotic activities and special guests:
Jeff “Beachbum” Berry presents Potions of the Caribbean
Sven Kirsten – author of The Book of Tiki and Tiki Modern
Hukilau Games – Beach Volleyball and other activities
Tiki Carving with the Masters – on the Beach!

Hula Workshops (in Deutschland…

…darum auf deutsch)
Aus dem Hula News Newsletter:

Das Allerwichtigste vorweg:
Letzter Hula-Tanz-Workshop am kommenden Wochenende.

Zweites Advent-Wochenende – 08./09.12.2007
Weihnachts-Hula-Special-Weekend in 78355 Hohenfels-Mindersdorf in unserem neuen Hula-Tanz-Studio “Hale Kalehua” . Wir lernen 2 Hula-Choreografien (Auana- und Kahiko-Style) zu den schönsten,! hawaiianischen Weihnachtsliedern.

Euer sehnlichster Wunsch wurde erhört. Nun gibt es das Weihnachts-Special-Hula-Tanz-Event gleich im Doppelpack.
Am 08. und 09. Dezember 2007 habt Ihr Gelegenheit, zwei der schönsten und romantischsten hawaiianischen Weihnachts-Hulas zu erlernen.
Die Songs zu den Choreografien sind:
1. Tag: Hula-Auana-Style: “Kanaka Wai Wai”
2. Tag: Hula-Kahiko-Style: “Little Drummer Boy” (Keiki Kane Ho’okani Pahu) – hier seht Ihr einen Videoclip mit Kalehua, die den “Drummer Boy” tanzt…
Beide Choreografien sind relativ leicht zu erlernen und sind deshalb auch für Hula-Anfänger geeignet.
Eine Trainings-DVD als Langzeitgedächtnis zu beiden Liedern kann an den Kurstagen erworben w! erden!

Dieses Hula-Wo chenende in besonders feierlicher Stimmung ist auch zugleich der letzten Hula-Workshop im alten Jahr 2007.

New Exotica CD

I don’t have it, but judging by the blurb alone it’s a sure shot.

Various Artists-Paradise Lost & Sound

Here’s what they say at Fleamarket Music:

Flea Market Music recently discovered a treasure trove of Island-inspired songs written in the 1950s and early ’60s by well-known LA studio musicians Ken Darby, Perry Botkin Sr., Mel Henke and others. Many of these tunes (“Legend Of The Rain,” “Hana Maui,” “Leis Of Jazz,” “China Clipper”) were originally recorded by Hawaiian exotica king, Arthur Lyman. Paradise Lost & Found features new recordings of these songs by WAITIKI, a group of extraordinary musicians who have a passion for this kind of jazzy exotic music. Other guest artists include uke sensation Abe Lagrimas, Jr. playing Perry Botkin’s 1950 instrumental “Ukey-Ukulele” and Chris Kamaka (of Kamaka Ukulele and Ho’okena fame) singing the Ken Darby classic “Legend Of The Rain.” Other standout tracks include “Duke Of The Uke” with Four Preps lead singer Bruce Belland. Rounding out the project are a few Jim Beloff songs including “Sunrise At Haleakala,” “The Hawaiian Turnaround” (with music by uke master, Herb Ohta) and “I’m Carrying A Tiki Torch For You” performed by King Kukulele and the Friki Tikis. Ukulele is featured on about half the tracks but it’s all fun. 14 tropical tracks!

Thanks to Tiki King at Tiki Central