Links for 11/18/10

Facebook | BP=Biological Predator

As the ocean becomes more acidic, coastal states should list them as impaired

1967 Tokai Humming Bird – a set on Flickr

The Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird / King of the Surf 7″ Single

Rarität Framus Hollywood Vintage guitar alte Gitarre bei

P.B.C. Polverini Vollröhren-Amp 60er Jahre bei Vintage

Dynacord DA 20 1963 bei

Hohner Concertophon IV 1961 bei

Archtop Jazzgitarren-Banjo bei

Roger Jazzgitarre/Archtop bei

Höfner 173 (II) bei

Astro Semiakustik 60er Jahre bei

Framus 5/155 Strato 1965 absoluter Neuzustand bei

Framus Jennings Vox Verstärker Vintage extrem rar f. B. bei eBay

Original Framus Peter Kraus Tenor-Gitarre bei

Framus Television E-Gitarre Vintage Rarität bei

BP, firms missed key errors before spill | Reuters

Links for 11/15/10

Four Methods Of Generating Electricity For Powering Highways

1964 Fender Princeton and 1963 Fender Reverb Unit MINT! – eBay

Best Vacuum Tube Spring Reverb ever? Guitar or Studio! – eBay

Magnatone Typhoon X-20 Vintage Electric Guitar w/ case – eBay

Magnatone Mark V 1957 Paul Bigsby Design Very Few Made – eBay

1960 Magnatone Mark IX Vintage Guitar – eBay

Vintage 1967-68 Yamaha Guitar SA-50B w OHSC, Gibson 335 – eBay

Yamaha Electric Guitar 1960’s Hollow Body SA-15 – eBay

Hallmark Stradette guitar semihollow Mosrite style – eBay

Facebook | Tiki Horror Night – Public Premiere!

Facebook | Easitaly with Il Facile Duo on DejaVu Special

Latin Music USA

YouTube – Kanal von LetsTiki

Links for 11/9/10

Links for 10/27/10

Indonesia Earthquake Update: Tsunami, Quake Bring Death Toll Into Hundreds

BP Oil Spill

Ted Pilgrim Hosts the RFB Halloween Freakout

Pro Tone Pedals Announces Danny B. Harvey Signature Tremolo

Alternative Investing: Musical Instruments

Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing

Half-Empty Bottle Of Malibu Found In Woods Behind School

tel aviv port public space – wins rosa barba european landscape prize

Mod Monster Mash Bash

msnbc video: BP chief scoffs at Gulf spill media coverage

Ghoul’s Night Out Vol.4 Pre-Halloween Costume Dance Party!

Links for 10/26/10

Maton Pineapple Ukulele

The Concussions Set To Rock A Spooky Halloween Party

Old Meazzi microphone (#3) – eBay

Vintage 1972 Carvin SB 60 Bass SB60 Rare Find HSC – eBay

Vintage Rare 1940S Electro Voice V-1 Ribbon Microphone – eBay

Rare MEAZZI Vintage Bass 1965 Italy no Wandre Eko – eBay

Rare Neumann U497 (!): Cross of U47 fet / vintage U87 – eBay

Vintage Rare Soviet USSR Czech JOLANA RUBIN bass guitar – eBay

Ampex MX10 MX-10 vintage tube mixer mic preamp pre RARE – eBay

Vintage 1961 Gibson Ga-79Rvt Stereo Guitar Amp Rare – eBay

Vintage Rare 1969 Hagstrom Viking Hollow Body Guitar – eBay

EV Grieve: More photos from this morning’s fire at Otto’s Shrunken Head

Vintage Polytone George Benson 104 Lead Amp Rare! – eBay

Japanese Rare Book: Vintage Mosrite – eBay

Ovation Rare, Unique, Vintage Elec Guitar. Apx.100 Made – eBay

Rare Vintage 1967 Fender Coronado II Lake Placid Blue – eBay

Vintage Tube Amp Microphone 1920 30 Very Rare – eBay

Vintage Fender F-540Hi Mic Microphone 50’s 60’s Rare – eBay

Vintage 1960’s Watkins Scout Valve/Tube Amp Ultra Rare!

Vintage AKG D12e Rare Kick Drum Mic, 1000’S Of Uses!!! – eBay

Rare Vintage 60’s Sterling Pleasant Lafayette Guitar – eBay

1° BadMan Records Festival – Docteur Legume & Dangerous Chickens

Rare Pair of Vintage Emi Tube Mic Pre Amps Amplifiers – eBay

Rare Vintage Teisco ET-320 / TG-64 – eBay

Watkins WEM Copicat RARE 60’s TUBE Copycat Tape Echo – eBay

Sonor 60s,vintage,blue-satin flame, rare color! – eBay

1960’s Migma Guitar Rare Saturn Style Hofner Tremolo – eBay